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What is Cheeky?

They’re shapewear bottoms that lift and support little booties and big ones. They create sexy and feminine curvage for Cheeky Chicks like you. Think of them as a push up bra for your backside.


When do I wear DEFY Lingerie?
Whenever you like! But DEFY Lingerie makes the best impression worn between the sheets. What makes these fetish-inspired pieces special is that they can be used used as shapewear for under your clothes around the clock too.

Should I wear the Cheeky alone or with panties?
DEFY Lingerie's Cheeky products are best complemented by g-strings, thongs, boy shorts or nothing at all if you're a little naughty ;)! For a sleek profile, avoid try wearing a full coverage underwear with excess fabric with these products..

How do they work?
Cheeky products use specialty bands made of unique material that work like suspenders to lift and separate your cheeks for one ass defying look. It combines fetish-inspired straps and sheer mesh that creates a harness effect on a woman’s butt and hips. No padding, no silicones or surgery.  Just you and your natural lady curves.


How do I put my Cheeky on?

Your first time wearing a Cheeky can be tricky. Check out our video demonstration


What's my size in DEFY Lingerie?
Visit our Best Fit Guide Page to find your size

Will Cheeky products make my butt bigger?

Our products are designed to lift what you naturally have. We don't add, we accentuate. No weird diaper booty over here.

Who is the product made for?

The Cheeky Collection is created for all body types to celebrate their unique shape. We design garments for body positive women who work with what they have and prefer a natural lift.


If your jeans tend to get saggy, pair with a Cheeky for a lift. Want to improve your side profile? A Cheeky is a great place to start. We champion natural beauty.

What makes Cheeky products so unique?

  • FULL RANGE ADJUSTABILITY - Every booty is different! We’re the only ones who thought to make our lingerie bottoms pieces FULLY adjustable. No more being limited to the same old 3 hook setting you see all the time. Adjust it to your own unique comfort.

  • IT DOESN’T LOOK LIKE SHAPEWEAR (Thank Goodness) - We’ve made it our business to make sure your shapewear doesn’t compromise your sexy. That means bae won’t know your Cheeky is a basically a push up bra for your booty when it’s sexy time.  So undress shamelessly.

  • IT’S ACTUALLY COMFORTABLE - Unlike your basic booty lifter, this shapewear doesn’t use uncomfortable compression materials. Competitors offer restricting products that are often way too tight and leave demarcation and an unnatural shape to the butt with those tacky cut out circles.

My Cheeky created a weird gap between my thigh and butt that looks unnatural. What now?

If there is an obvious line of indentation on the base of your butt, don't worry. Your garment is probably too tight. Utilize the sliders on the strapping to find your perfect fit.


What if my Cheeky feels uncomfortable?

First, make sure you've adjusted your Cheeky to fit your unique figure. Sliders are located on the straps of your garment to set your garment in place. They are created for you to secure a comfortable fit. If your inner thighs are still rubbing against the fabric, try pairing with a full coverage brief or short. 

A small percentage of women experience an allergic reaction to the elastic, if this occurs, discontinue wearing. If a rash develops or you experience any discomfort while wearing DEFY Lingerie, discontinue use immediately.

Where can I buy Cheeky?

Right now, is the only place to buy a Cheeky. 

How long will it take to receive my order?

If you pre-order in September, expect to receive your garment in October. 

I have a question about my order 

Visit our contact page for customer service inquires

Do you ship outside of the US?

Not at the moment. To find out when we expand to other countries or retailers across the globe, make sure you're on our VIP list and stay in touch with us on Facebook and Instagram. 

I want to feature your product, model for DEFY Lingerie or contribute to the brand.

Contact our Creative Communications team for collaborations, media inquires and talent gigs at

Are you hiring?

Depends on who's asking ;). Check out our careers page

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