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DEFY Lingerie Gives Butt Pads Some Major Competition

Lingerie Line Responds to Butt Enhancement Boom with Sexy Lifting Shapewear

NEW YORK, August 10, 2017 Brand Curator Kariyma Marie is introducing “DEFY Lingerie,” a collection designed to lift and define a woman’s derriere so she doesn’t have to be part of the 40% of women considering enhancement surgery. With all the big booty Kardashians and Chynas overpopulating our media space, the brand hopes to encourage women to embrace their own sexy and DEFY the odds, in their wardrobe and in their lives.

The line is equipped with three core products within their “Cheeky Collection.” Each piece is designed to double as functional shapewear and sexy lingerie so women can ditch their embarrassing butt pads.


What Makes Cheeky Products Different?


A woman’s lover will never know that her Cheeky  is basically a push up bra for her backside when she undresses.The brand has created a functional product that doesn’t look like grandma panties or compromise a woman’s sexy.


DEFY is the only brand who thought to make their shapewear bottoms FULLY adjustable. The pieces introduce a new way of wearing strapping so that wearers are no longer restricted to the same old three-hook setup you see on other products.


Unlike basic booty lifters, this shapewear doesn’t use uncomfortable compression materials. Wearers can adjust the garment to fit without leaving lines of demarcation or the appearance of an unnaturally shaped bottom the way many competing products do.

The Cheeky Garter™ is a patent pending panty using specialty bands designed to be worn like harness suspenders. The bands lift and separate a woman’s buttocks giving her instantly defined hips and butt for one gravity DEFYing look. No padding, no silicones or surgery. Just the wearer and her natural lady curves.

Kariyma Marie has experience with globally recognized brands such as L’Oreal, Puma, and Jones New York dating back 10 years. Over the course of her career she’s watched digital influence become a dominating force in society’s view of body image. Butt enhancement procedures have rose over 200% since the year 2000.

“The constant images of flawless Instagram models and celebrities surgically enhanced and photoshopped to perfection set an unattainable standard for women. It can leave them feeling inadequate and reluctant to celebrate their bodies,” Kariyma said. “I actually considered getting a Brazilian Butt Lift at one point. I’ve since learned to truly embrace my body and work with what I have. I feel sexy. I want other women to feel the same confidence through this line.” she continued.

With the help of Wanda Jones, former Design Director at Maidenform, the two have worked diligently on the development and fit of the pieces. DEFY Lingerie’s Cheeky Collection is expertly designed to set you apart. Whether you’ve got a little booty, or a wide load, the brand intends to give you a lift from the inside, out.

DEFY Lingerie will be available for purchase at on September 2017. The line will be expanding to brick and mortar retailers in 2018.



DEFY lingerie is an intimates collection designed to lift and DEFY the laws of gravity while giving every cheeky chick her sexy back. All we wanted was a cute booty so we perfected the art of SNATCHED! NO silicone, no padding, no surgery. Just you and your natural lady lumps.  This line is for the women who work with what they have and DEFY the odds while doing it.

Note to Media: Contact Macy Harrell at for additional information, images, samples or a glass of wine if you need one.

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