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Cheeky Garter

The Cheeky Garter is great if you love thongs and aren’t afraid to take a risk with your lingerie. It offers the maximum lift!


This garment uses specialty bands made of unique material that work like suspenders to lift and separate your cheeks for one ass defying look. It combines fetish-inspired straps and sheer mesh that creates a harness effect on a woman’s butt and hips. No padding, no silicones or surgery.  Just you and your natural lady curves.


How to Put it on?

1) Step into the loops. 2) Align loops with inner thigh, then pull the garment up to waistline. 3) Insert garter strap through inner thigh portion of loop. 4) Pull garter strap upward behind back and place in stationed loops in the midddle of the waistband,

5) Pull garter strap through the loops and around tthe waist to connect with frontal fastener 6) Secure garter on the top front loop of the fastner, once in place, adjust strapping for maximum lift and comfort. View our video demonstration. 

Cheeky Garter

SKU: DL3000
  • Premeium woven fabric and lace

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